UX, UI, Web Design

WM Group is a logistics company established in Germany. Michal Gierat has expanded the company as WM International basing it in Birmingham, UK, and transforming the company with a new vision making it ready for the digital age. They needed a new home for WM International as part of this transformation.

Michal Gierat worked with me to redesign their website into an experience that embodies their new unfolding vision, and that visually communicates their freight forwarding services with an identity, voice, and tone that serve their global ambitions.

Designing for Motion: Capturing WM International’s Agile Digital Workflow

In developing the visual concept for WM International’s website, we deeply explored their digitized workflow in logistics to create a design that emphasizes agility and adaptability. The visuals and interactive elements are intentionally crafted to exhibit fluidity and motion, mirroring the company's quick response to industry shifts and client demands. The website design showcases flexibility through adaptable layouts and responsive interfaces that facilitate a seamless navigation experience, highlighting WM International’s commitment to providing tailored solutions in a dynamic environment.

Every aspect of the site’s design—from the imagery that underscores connectivity and digital innovation to the interactive modules designed for user engagement—echoes WM International’s digital DNA. The design balances consistency with innovation, integrating traditional elements with modern design trends to craft a user experience that’s both familiar and forward-thinking. This strategic visual storytelling not only showcases WM International’s expertise but also enhances the user’s interaction with the brand, inviting them to fully engage with the innovative, responsive nature of the company’s digital approach to logistics.

Engaging Animations: Bringing Agile Nature of WM International to Life

I’ve harnessed the power of motion to encapsulate the essence of the company's digital workflow—characterized by fluidity, flexibility, and speed. These animations are a fusion of form and function, crafted to enhance the user's journey, elucidating WM International's identity while fostering an immersive and interactive experience. They are a direct nod to WM International's mastery of digital workflows, emphasizing the company's agility and responsiveness in a fast-evolving industry. They embody the company's digital DNA, showcasing how technology can drive efficiency and adaptability in logistics.

Through carefully orchestrated animations, we direct users' focus to key information and actions, ensuring they engage with content that's central to their needs and interests. They act as visual cues, leading users through the site in an intuitive flow that mirrors WM International's streamlined and efficient operational approach. They not only help to captivate and inform but also provide a coherent, interactive narrative that aligns perfectly with the company's ethos of innovation, efficiency, and digital acumen.

Connected Services Across Industries

In architecting the user experience for WM International's website, we strategically introduced an "Industries We Serve" section alongside the "Services We Provide" segment. This dual-structured approach not only highlights WM International's vast expertise across various sectors but also enhances search engine visibility, making it easier for potential clients from specific industries to discover WM International's tailored solutions.

Industry-Specific Expertise

"Industries we serve" section is designed to showcase WM International's deep understanding and specialized services tailored to the unique demands of that sector. From automotive to agriculture, each section resonates with the specific needs and language of the industry, demonstrating WM International's competency and targeted approach.

Enhanced Discoverability

By segmenting services according to industries, the website's SEO is optimized, enabling potential clients searching with industry-specific queries to find relevant and compelling content on WM International's site. This targeted strategy not only improves search rankings but also draws in a more qualified audience.

User-Centric Navigation

The design ensures that users can effortlessly navigate between services and industries, understanding how WM International's offerings apply to their specific sector. This interconnectedness fosters an intuitive exploration path, encouraging users to delve deeper into how WM International can address their unique industry challenges.



Establishing WM International's Global Digital Footprint

The primary objective is to establish a website as a pivotal online presence for WM International, aligning with its vision to mark its digital footprint in the logistics industry globally. The website aims to serve as the core digital platform for communicating the company's values, services, and expertise to a worldwide audience.


Establish Online Presence

Launch a professional, brand-aligned website that serves as the digital face of WM International, introducing the company to global markets and establishing its online presence.


Enhance User Engagement

Focus on creating a captivating and user-friendly website interface that naturally guides visitors through WM International’s array of services and expertise. Aim to develop an environment where information is not only easily accessible but also presented in a manner that actively engages users, encouraging them to explore deeper into the site's content and discover the comprehensive solutions WM International offers.


Facilitate Business Growth

Develop the website as a strategic tool to support business growth, enabling WM International to reach potential clients, generate leads, and facilitate business inquiries through well-placed calls to action and contact mechanisms.


Content Strategy Implementation

Craft and implement a content strategy that showcases WM Group's knowledge, services, and value proposition, positioning the company as a thought leader in the logistics sector and attracting potential clients and partners.


Global Reach

Strategically enhance WM International’s global footprint through targeted SEO strategies, localization efforts, and market-specific content, ensuring the website effectively reaches and engages diverse international markets.

By achieving these goals, WM International aims to solidify its online presence, effectively support its global business strategy, and lay a strong digital foundation to build upon as the company evolves and expands its market reach.


Critical Questions: Shaping
WM International's Digital Strategy

During the process, we devised critical questions to guide our strategy, ensuring we addressed both user and business requirements effectively.

  1. How might we develop a user-centric design that appeals to a global audience while addressing diverse cultural and regional preferences?
  2. How might we set WM international apart from its competitors?
  3. How might we integrate innovative features into WM International’s website to echo their vision without compromising on usability and accessibility for users of varying tech proficiencies?
  4. How might we effectively communicate the comprehensive range of WM International’s services in a clear, engaging manner that resonates with potential clients?
  5. How might we optimize WM International’s website for search engines in a competitive logistics market to enhance visibility and attract more traffic?
  6. How might we align the visions of WM International’s stakeholders with the actual needs and expectations of end-users to create a balanced and effective digital presence?



Competitor Analysis

In this phase, we delved deep into analyzing WM International’s competitors to understand the market landscape and identify opportunities for differentiation. We looked at how competitors positioned themselves online, their website features, UI/UX design trends in the logistics sector, and the overall user journey on these platforms. This analysis helped in pinpointing what worked well in the industry and where there were gaps that WM.international could capitalize on to stand out.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the competitive analysis, details of this step are not displayed in the portfolio. This approach ensures confidentiality and maintains the strategic integrity of the competitive insights.


User Personas

Creating user personas was crucial in understanding WM International’s target audience - their needs, frustrations, motivations, and goals. We developed detailed personas representing their typical customers, such as small business owners, large enterprise clients, and logistics managers. It helped us grasp the emotional landscape of these personas, guiding the design to be more user-centric and tailored to the audience's expectations and experiences.



User Journey Mapping

User journey mapping for WM International’s website will illustrate the path that different types of users might take when interacting with the website, highlighting key touchpoints, potential actions, and the emotional responses associated with each stage. Here's a detailed user journey map for two distinct personas: a small business owner and a logistics manager from a larger corporation.

User Persona 1: Small Business Owner, "Sarah"

1. Awareness

Touchpoint: Sarah finds a blog page on WM.international via a Google search while looking for information on "Optimizing Small Business International Shipments." 

Action: Intrigued by the insightful content, Sarah explores the blog, which offers valuable tips and best practices for small businesses looking to expand their reach globally through efficient logistics.

Emotion: Curiosity and engagement

Thoughts: "This content is exactly what I needed. How can WM Group assist my business?"

2. Consideration

Touchpoint: Explores the 'Services' and 'About Us' sections.

Action: Reads about various services offered and the company's background.

Emotion: Curiosity and engagement

Thoughts: "This content is exactly what I needed. How can WM Group assist my business?"

3. Decision

Touchpoint: Reviews testimonials and case studies.

Action:  Gains confidence in WM International’s capabilities and reputation.

Emotion:  Trust, readiness to engage.

Thoughts: "They have a good track record. I think I can trust them."

4. Action

Touchpoint: Contacts WM International via an inquiry form or direct contact details provided. 

Action: Seeks a quote or further discussion about services.

Emotion: Expectation, hopeful.

Thoughts: "I hope they can tailor their services to my needs."

5. Retention

Touchpoint: Follow-up communications, newsletters, and updates.

Action: Stays informed about new services and updates.

Emotion: Satisfaction, loyalty.

Thoughts: "I made the right choice. They understand my business."

User Persona 2: Logistics Manager, "Arjun"

Objective: To evaluate and partner with a new logistics company for her multinational corporation's complex supply chain needs.

1. Awareness

Touchpoint: Discovers WM.international through an ad given in the industry publications.

Action: Visits the website to gauge the company's scale and expertise.

Emotion: Analytical, cautious.

Thoughts: "Do they have the global reach and expertise we require?"

2. Consideration

Touchpoint: Examines detailed descriptions of global logistics services and industry-specific solutions.

Action: Assesses the company's expertise in handling complex logistics challenges, particularly focusing on Brexit-related adjustments and strategies.

Emotion: Evaluative, seeking reassurance.

Thoughts: "Brexit has introduced unique challenges for our European operations. Can WM Group provide the specialized expertise we need to navigate this new landscape effectively?" "Their services are comprehensive. How effective are they in execution?"

3. Decision

Touchpoint: Views client testimonials, partnerships, accreditations, and the content dedicated to Brexit.

Action:  Builds confidence in WM International’s credibility and expertise.

Emotion:  Trust, decision-making.

Thoughts: "They have a solid reputation. Could be a strong candidate."

4. Action

Touchpoint: Schedules a consultation through the website or reaches out via email.

Action: Engages in detailed discussions about potential collaboration.

Emotion: Expectant, professional curiosity.

Thoughts: "I'm looking forward to understanding how they can meet our specific needs."

5. Retention

Touchpoint: Regular updates, industry insights, and ongoing support.

Action: Maintains a relationship through ongoing engagement and support.

Emotion: Valued, respected.

Thoughts: "WM International is a reliable partner that adds value to our operations."

Low Fidelity Wireframes

The wireframing stage was pivotal in laying out the structure and flow of the website. We crafted low-fidelity wireframes to outline the basic page elements and their placement, ensuring a logical, intuitive, and efficient user journey. These wireframes served as the blueprint for the website, focusing on usability and user flow before moving into the more detailed design phase.



Strategic Ad Campaigns: Expanding WM International's Reach

As part of the sales funnel, as seen in the customer journey for the second user persona "Arjun," our collaboration with WM International expanded to designing over ten advertisements for industry publications, flyers and roll-up banners for physical events and digital web banners, over the course of three years. This extension of our partnership into the realm of advertising was a strategic move to bolster WM International’s visibility and engagement within the industry, particularly targeting professionals like Arjun who discover potential partners through industry publications and events.

Unified Visual Language: The design of these advertisements was meticulously crafted to align with the visual language established on the WM International website, ensuring a cohesive and unified brand experience across various touchpoints. Whether viewed in a digital publication, encountered at an industry conference, or seen on a website, each ad and banner was a seamless extension of WM International’s digital persona, reinforcing brand recognition and cohesion.

Impact and Engagement: This cohesive advertising strategy significantly enhanced WM International’s market presence, driving increased engagement from potential clients and industry peers. By maintaining a consistent visual and messaging framework across all platforms, we strengthened WM Group's brand identity, making it more memorable and impactful within the logistics industry. 

Feedback and Adaptation: Continuous feedback and performance analysis of these advertising materials allowed us to refine and adapt our strategies, ensuring that each ad and banner resonated with the intended audience and contributed positively to the sales funnel. This responsive approach ensured that WM International’s advertising efforts were not only visually integrated but also strategically aligned with evolving market dynamics and customer preferences.

In conclusion, this initiative was a key component of our comprehensive strategy to enhance WM International's brand visibility and engagement across industry-specific channels, contributing to a consistent and compelling brand narrative that supported the company's broader marketing objectives and business goals.


Various ads and banners designed during our ongoing collaboration with WM International, serving as key components of our strategic sales funnel over the years.


The Transformative Impact of WM International's Website

Following the launch of the WM International website, their inaugural venture into the digital realm, the company witnessed transformative outcomes and substantial progress towards its strategic goals. The new website catalyzed a significant impact on the company's brand visibility, operational efficiency, and market reach, marking a pivotal shift in its business trajectory.

Quantitative Results:

1. Market Penetration: The launch of the website marked WM International’s successful entry into the digital space, garnering substantial traffic from diverse global markets, which translated into increased brand visibility and market penetration.

2. Lead Generation: With the website serving as a new digital touchpoint, WM International experienced a marked increase in inquiries and potential client engagements, demonstrating the site's effectiveness in capturing and converting interest.

 3. User Engagement: Metrics showed a high level of user engagement, with visitors spending considerable time exploring the services and industries WM International caters to, indicating the website's success in captivating and retaining user interest.

 4. Global Reach: The website's global audience expanded rapidly, reflecting WM Group's enhanced ability to connect with clients across different regions and industries, thus broadening its operational footprint.

Qualitative Impact

1. Brand Establishment: As WM International's first digital interface, the website played a crucial role in establishing and defining the company's brand in the global logistics market, setting a foundation for future brand-building efforts.

 2. Customer Insights: The influx of website data provided unprecedented insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and needs, enabling WM Group to refine its offerings and market strategies with a customer-centric approach.

 3. Strategic Opportunities: The website's success opened new avenues for strategic partnerships and opportunities, positioning WM International as an innovative player in the logistics industry and attracting interest from potential collaborators and investors.

 4. Employee Engagement: Internally, the website instigated a sense of pride and momentum among employees, who now had a digital showcase for their services and achievements, fostering a culture of innovation and forward-thinking.

By establishing its first website, WM International not only transitioned into the digital age but also set a robust platform for sustained growth, brand development, and market leadership in the logistics sector. The website's success underscored the importance of digital presence in contemporary business, propelling WM International towards its future objectives with renewed vigor and clarity.


Reflecting on Three Years of Partnership with WM International

The debut of WM.international in March 2000 commenced a lasting and evolving partnership between WM International and myself. This alliance, spanning over three years, has extended well beyond the initial website inception, embracing more than ten advertising design projects. These initiatives have significantly broadened WM International's digital footprint and reinforced the brand's narrative and outreach across diverse platforms. The success and content of our joint endeavors continue to amplify WM International's market engagement and brand visibility, illustrating the sustained impact and value of our collaborative journey.

 Our partnership has also been pivotal in the ongoing enhancement of the website, adapting and evolving in response to the company's growth and the changing digital landscape. A notable milestone in 2023 was the design and launch of a new "Missions and Values" page, which provided a deeper insight into WM International's core principles and aspirations, further aligning the website's content with the company's strategic vision and reinforcing its brand identity.

 This enduring collaboration has not only witnessed the successful launch and evolution of WM International's online presence but has also fostered a dynamic synergy that continues to explore innovative avenues and embrace new challenges, driving forward the narrative of success and advancement in the fast-paced world of logistics.