3D Modeling

I have always been interested in architectural typography. This was a project to explore this interest through experimentation and various methods of graphic design processes.

This project has led me study the relationship between typography and architecture exploring the elements of the 3rd dimension such as texture, light and shadow, reflection, transparency etc. 

I have used Maya to create and render the 3D models.  


As a result of the project, I have documented the result as a series of images changing material of the 3D type playing with  texture, reflection, light, transparancy but keeping the 3D type, its environment and the perspective of the view point as constants.


Images From the Process

Exploring typography as an acrhitectural element 

Using a 3D software like Maya gave me a great flexibility to try and explore new things very quickly in an architectural context. 



I started playing with random 3D type as an architectural element in an empty space and then, moving towards using text with meaning placing them to various spaces where humans live studying how the meaning of the text relates to this interplay bewtween the 3D elements and human perception. 

Putting into play elements like light, color, size and position, I have looked into the tension created between the meaning of the text and the space around it.


This kind of design process could be part of any design project but in this case, I have done it not for a certain project but for the sake of the process itself out of self-interest, which I believe helps a designer unlocking creative thinking, enlarging personal design toolkit library, as well as developing his/her own style.